Love and affection _ classical emotion philosophy Essay

Love and Love is an emotion from the bottom of the human heart (mind ) . Usually more common in people or animals. There will be people alive in the world through love or be loved . Love is innate, can also be considered a human trait , in other words , love is one of nature as a human being must have. Love , including love of soul or spiritual love for the law and the organization, the love of his love for food , love of money , love of learning , love of power , love of fame , love for others , and so on and on. People in different environments with different degrees of attention for its acceptance of love. That love is altered by changes in the environment . Love and love is an abstract concept , but it is difficult to experience speech . Love is composed by the love and affection . Love is a strong desire , usually accompanied with physiological aroused ( shortness of breath, rapid heart beat, such as falling in love ) .

Friendship is love with the feeling caused by the behavior closely , but does not accompany with the physiological aroused . Love and constituted by the three parts : intimacy ” – including a close sense of feeling and sense of restraint contact .” Passion ” – including a driven man in love , attraction and sexual conduct another power .” Promise ” – including short-term and long-term love love love to become part of maintaining the three triangles, influence each other , making love to a lot of different types of love on behalf of the extent of the size of the triangle , the greater the more love on behalf of the other party , such as ; . ” passion stage .” ( triangles tend to the right ) , “intimate stage ” ( normal triangle ) , ” commitment period ” ( triangle tendencies left ) , while these three elements and can demonstrate a combination of seven different love : erotic love – health habits . language refers to various human emotions and instincts of desire , love each other’s appearance generated based game love – love as games, fun and usually do not pay attention and focused commitment of love to conquer each other friendship – . slow love the development of the ties of friendship based on mutual respect and friendliness reality of love – . tendency to select can help their friends , so that they can be attached to benefit therefrom love – . heavy emotions of love , instability, by romantic love recession made ​​, full of jealousy and discord altruistic love – completely selfless love , can not hesitate to hurt themselves or discard anything in reality men tend to love the game of love and attachment of women tended to love and friendship . the reality of love. If you love each other , if the relationship between the two have the kind of love , you can last longer .

There are three states of love : lust , attraction, attachment . Love will usually start by the lust state , mainly focused passion and ignore other elements. Such as appearance, odor and other similar factors , which is the main factor that people select partners . However, with the passage of time, other elements may be increased and decreased by passion , but everyone has different . The suction stage , it will focus on the impact of the other , in which case the most important loyalty . Similarly, when a person is loved for a long time , it will develop into a relationship with its partners attachment . According to modern scientific explanation for love , attracted by the transfer to take three months time dependent . Subsequently the passion disappears, love will turn from the love of friendship, or love of romantic love into not taking.

Love can be derived from the behavior : pay, appreciate , cherish , moved, understanding , protection, possession, allowed a better existence. Love is a byproduct ; obtained when the joy, the usual worrying , sad after losing , you can not have no choice. Special point of love : a result of this aesthetic objects more often humans, so also produce psychological differences suspicion , jealousy and lack of capacity to be deceived hatred. Physiological basis for this beauty more often reproduce gender differences and instincts . Practice has proved that : If you let the other loves you more , then you have to constantly increasing and sustained their various beauty, especially the ” beautiful soul ” clean beauty is also very important . You can be completed together with the other things aesthetically pleasing atmosphere can promote feelings , which is why “romantic” flattering reasons. Love is the passion , the biggest feature is possessive , so it is pointing inside . Passionate feeling is: when we meet with joy and flustered , because of the separation of thoughts and empty heart ( inner feeling of love is basically caused by a hormone secreted in vivo ) . The most important characteristic of love is possessive. Possessiveness is a double-edged sword , there is a positive side , there are also destructive side. Possessive show the positive side of the other side as their own , like the neighbor as himself care, care. Possessive alienation positive side is responsible. Possessive destroy the other side is to restrict the freedom not to give privacy. Possessive alienation failure surface is jealousy . We only know the characteristics of love , you know how to cultivate your love. People to take the initiative to expand the positive side possessive ( responsibility ) , to overcome the damage possessive rational side ( jealousy ) . Highest state of love is beyond the ” love of humanity ” and ” God’s Love” : Only a sense of responsibility , no jealousy . So the love of perfection has two principles: love you are responsible for your love you is to give you freedom.

In reality, the love in the end is what ? Different people have different perception , love the taste memories of pain and happiness, love lost , he appeared in the taste of the mind, nobody knows why this is so , it is this: you and I think of him or all of the flavor of her body , and is often said that love is the heart of the harbor , love is often accompanied with passion and love often those memorable performance in the details on your shoulders , it is love to rely on. Gently shake the hand , it is love exhortations life warming in love , heart melted in love , and love can not be explained by any encounter reason , nostalgia will be loved , loved for a long time will be memorable . Love is prolonged care, love will become dignified person , love will make people understand the thoughts and easily freeze the lives and dreams , just to make love to keep forever . Love is not only a strong performance in the distance love , strong love forever accompanied fragile heart , love in the hearts of the people never love down, tired, accompanied by love sleep , lack of, the feeling of love gently read . That love is the power of the heart, is the heart of happiness !

What love is ? Love is the attachment of love incarnate. Love is a feeling , an intuition , a persistent, are feelings of gratitude , it ‘s remarkable performance is the dedication. Dew usually do not show , but really maintains her ( him ) a smooth , comfortable and safe . You can not feel for her , but do not care about her ( him ) to spend your money. You can also say that you are thinking about the material interests of the greatest give her ( him) . In her ( him ) illness or unexpected crisis occurs, will be transformed into a huge passion, you can desperate to rescue each other. In real life , ” lover” can be loved , but not affectionate . “Love” can not love, but full of affection. ( The most perfect love and affection emotion is concentrated in one person , which is love. Slightly times there is a perfect lover, a lover , love and affection have it all, but belong to the two vectors . Most insipid life is affectionate without love ! worst life is merciless no love ! encounter between people, it is natural initiation of a situation , and that is what we call friendship, although some may be elevated to the love of friendship , but not every friendship can so sublimate , because we have only one heart , and in our hearts , and only one person can hold a space in our lives, people we can encounter is too is much more when we find another half of our hearts , the heart can only accommodate him ( her ) , other people , whether it is good or bad , it is a feeling , however, limited to friendship, and love different . meet men and women , why not love it? same is the situation, why not love? the reason is very simple , because this situation either- love, love , there are many , but love, love just one of many among a word , love is based on love , not just because the relationship between strangers. acquaintance , affectionate , but such feelings, just friendship . around us , there is always a lot of people real, so therefore we have a lot of love, family, friendship , love, every love, are commendable. accompanied us with love , with love embracing .

Literary and emotional

So wasted every day , not knowing they belong to sad music , or is it a cup of bitter tea, is purely sentimental sentimental , it lingers like a fog in the space group soul filled , they then abandon the candle lights a lamp , to stay stay sitting , immersed in the boundless fantasy and loneliness ……

A big crowd , I trudged to find to find a carrier containing a happy , laughter consignments ray , so that each soul is more the happiness . In the sky open with their hearts GUANG good friend … emotions like literature, I think it does not looks gorgeous , do not need to endlessly oath. Do not need to say with the night with the so-called ” long long time if the two conditions , a blessing in the day and night .” They focus on the essence and meaning.

Period of emotional poetry as a refined , simple phrases cohesion are no words to make words. Emotion is also an exchange of ideas , just like the article , we are not able to pen compared with famous names , but each section of our text , every word in our hearts want, condensation of thought, the original non- high for the we reward assessment, talk about their feelings .

Emotion is not a day immersed in the sweet influence , which can also knees as literature and talk . One philosopher said : The meaning of love is to help each other improve , but also to improve themselves and become only thought that because love is bright, vigorous man is in love with his hands .

Whether literary or emotional , are the ideas and make their own repair richer . Whether the article or mood can share with others , there is a saying “the suspect intended to phase analysis, queer appreciation .” Emotion not good or bad , no difference on the merits of this article , the only difference is that a person’s literacy and ideas. This is neither here nor there will be the pride of self-esteem, and emotional literature should be an equal thing .

Literary thought and emotion are a condensation , where we can free speech , to express their views . Literature no boundaries , just as emotional as no distinction or distinction , there is no right or wrong , just could not understand each other , or too understanding.

A person can own irritability when **** calm down and write down their feelings, can smile when a relationship has come to an end with each other a treasure , how often it is not a soul sublimation. The text is converted into thought , the feelings turned into text, and perhaps make us more conscious , more likely to accept the reality of discontent .

Whether it is family, friendship or love, have the same need to communicate with each other as literature . The world does not need emotional commitment , their words and deeds is the best proof . Emotion is perhaps another form of existence of literature, as long as we do and do it to organize , it can also appear in people’s hearts . Let’s go reading , allowing us to appreciate …

Seamless trivial day water , mixed with colorful leaves . You can escape from the hustle and bustle of reality , the end can not escape the fate of modern man that endless lonely .

Net life everywhere !

Trivial and sharp just the illusion of life , like a rose thorn , is difficult to handle after a fragrant blooming .

Better to return to their escape , escape is a cowardly , indulge it is our best destination ……

Let us open up and shrugged . The literature as to taste emotions , the feelings as the end of the text collection.

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